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(Questions and Answers)

What is and what can I do here? is an online search portal for newspapers and magazines. You can search for newspaper and magazine titles and the site will then provide you with information about the nearest sales outlet which stocks "your" title. In addition the "browse function" enables you to find other exciting and interesting titles which you may never have heard of. is Germany´s largest search portal for newspapers and magazines with over 6,000 titles.

How do I find newspapers and magazines on

There are two ways of finding interesting press products. You can either enter a keyword straight into the title search bar or you can use our "browse" function. You have a large range of sections available from A to Z. You can also draw inspiration from our "recommendations", "new publications" and our "topic highlights". The massive, up to date selection of newspapers and magazines and the fast, straightforward process a unique search portal for everybody wanting to conduct a fast, easy search for sales outlets for press products.

Search results list / How are "Other titles for your search" composed?

Initially the title name of the magazine / newspaper is the main criterion for the search result. The results list contains newspaper and magazines which cover at least part of the word component of your search. In addition, newspapers and magazines from the same topic group may be displayed.

How many newspaper and magazine titles are included on the search portal? Can I also find international titles?

Every day makes over 6,000 current titles and title master data from all 21 national press wholesalers (Presse-Grosso) available. This also includes a large number of international newspapers and magazines.

What are "top titles"?

The homepage contains a selection of the best-selling magazine titles (top titles) from various magazine groups. These are displayed at random.

Why does the site want to know my location?

Your location is required to show you which local retailers stock the newspaper or magazine you are searching for. You can enable your location at the start of your search or change it as required using the search mask. The more precise this information (street/house number or postcode), the more accurately we will be able to show you the nearest sales outlet which stocks the magazine or newspaper you want in the displayed map element.

Why is the system unable to find the newspaper or magazine I want?

Possible answers::

  1. The newspaper or magazine title or the edition you are searching for is not currently available. For example, Sunday editions are only displayed on the Sunday of their publication.
  2. The title is not available at the selected location. In this case please select a different location or a different town.
  3. Try changing the spelling of the title. The autocomplete feature of the title search bar will provide suggestions for this.

My search shows that a newspaper or magazine is available from a certain retailer.<br/>Is it possible that the publication will be sold out when I get to the shop?

Yes, in this case, however, the majority of retailers will offer you reorder service for the title. Feel free to ask.

In what order are the sales outlets displayed?

The retailers shown in the search results are shown in ascending order of distance from your location.

Will work on my smart phone?

Yes, can be used on all standard smart phones using a mobile web app. Simply open in your smart phone´s browser.

For retailers: Does this service attract a charge and do I have to register with

The online retailer search was developed to allow consumers to find press sales outlets quickly and is, of course, free of charge to you. If your business is not yet included on and you would like to make sure that it is, please contact your local Grosso business. The people there will be delighted to discuss the system requirements with you.

For retailers: How does guarantee my security?

The Grosso business responsible for you ensures by an appropriate agreement with <strong>Presse-Grosso Marketing GmbH</strong> that the details provided are used only to operate the search function at and only within the legally permitted framework.

For retailers: Why is my business not displayed?

Possible answers::

  1. Please check whether you are actually supplied with the search title by your wholesaler and it has not been asked to cancel it.
  2. Please enter the exact location of your business. Depending on the region the map section may not cover the entire town/postcode area.
  3. It is possible that you asked your press wholesaler at some time in the past not to register your details on In this case please get in touch with the contact responsible for you at Grosso. This is where the details for are made available. Your press wholesaler can also display your business on using its data login.